Last updated 28 March 2020

Runner has been credited in:
41 episodes of Doctor Who
2 episodes of Doctor Who (Miscellaneous)
2 episodes of Torchwood
8 episodes of Class
90 episodes of Factual

1993Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): Dimensions In Time: Part OneEmma Dow
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): Dimensions In Time: Part Two
Factual: 30 Years In The TARDISClaire Harrison
1999Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): Doctor Who and The Curse Of Fatal Death: Part OneCharlotte Browne
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): Doctor Who and The Curse Of Fatal Death: Part Two
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): Doctor Who and The Curse Of Fatal Death: Part Three
2005Factual: A New DimensionMaxine Hughes
Factual: A New DimensionHannah Williams
Factual: Bringing Back the Doctor
Factual: Bringing Back the DoctorInfoMaxine Hughes
Factual: Aliens: The Good, the Bad and the UglyHannah Williams
Factual: Aliens: The Good, the Bad and the UglyMaxine Hughes
Factual: TARDIS Tales
Factual: TARDIS TalesHannah Williams
Factual: I Get a Sidekick out of You
Factual: I Get a Sidekick out of YouMaxine Hughes
Factual: Why on Earth?Hannah Williams
Factual: Why on Earth?Maxine Hughes
Factual: The DaleksHannah Williams
Factual: The DaleksMaxine Hughes
Factual: The Dark SideNic Britz
Factual: The Dark SideBethan Evans
Factual: The Dark SideLucy Lutman
Factual: Time TroubleNic Britz
Factual: Time TroubleBethan Evans
Factual: Time TroubleLucy Lutman
Factual: Special EffectsNic Britz
Factual: Special EffectsBethan Evans
Factual: Special EffectsLucy Lutman
Factual: Weird ScienceNic Britz
Factual: Weird ScienceBethan Evans
Factual: Weird ScienceLucy Lutman
Factual: Unsung Heroes and Violent DeathBethan Evans
Factual: Unsung Heroes and Violent DeathLucy Lutman
Factual: Unsung Heroes and Violent DeathNic Britz
Factual: The World of Who
Factual: The World of WhoBethan Evans
Factual: The World of WhoLucy Lutman
Factual: The Ultimate Guide
Factual: The Ultimate GuideHannah Williams
Factual: The Ultimate GuideNic Britz
Factual: The Ultimate GuideBethan Evans
Factual: The Ultimate GuideMaxine Hughes
Factual: The Last BattleHannah Williams
Factual: The Last BattleNic Britz
Factual: The Last BattleMaxine Hughes
Factual: The Last BattleLucy Lutman
2006Factual: New New Doctor
Factual: Fear Factor
Factual: Friends Reunited
Factual: From Script to Screen
Factual: CybermenRhian Arwel
Factual: CybermenAlia Bianco
Factual: CybermenLucy Lutman
Factual: From Zero to HeroAlia Bianco
Factual: From Zero to HeroRhian Arwel
Factual: The Writer's Tale
Factual: The Writer's TaleAlia Bianco
Factual: You've Got the Look
Factual: You've Got the LookRhian Arwel
Factual: Religion, Myths and Legends
Factual: Religion, Myths and LegendsAlia Bianco
Love & Monsters (as Production Runner)Glen Coxon
Factual: The New World of Dr WhoRhian Arwel
Factual: The New World of Dr WhoAlia Bianco
Factual: The Fright StuffRhian Arwel
Factual: The Fright StuffAlia Bianco
Factual: Welcome to Torchwood
Factual: Welcome to TorchwoodSiân Eve Goldsmith
Factual: Welcome to TorchwoodRhian Arwel
Factual: Finale
Factual: FinaleAlia Bianco
Factual: Jack's Back (as Production Runner)Robert Wootton
Factual: Jack's Back (as Production Runner)Olivia Mills
Torchwood: Ghost MachineGlen Coxon
Factual: Welcome to Torchwood (as Production Runner)Robert Wootton
Factual: Welcome to Torchwood (as Production Runner)Olivia Mills
The Runaway Bride (as Floor Runner)Barry Philips
2007Smith and Jones (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Factual: Meet Martha JonesSam Jones
The Shakespeare Code (as Floor Runner)Barry Phillips
Factual: Stage FrightSam Jones
Gridlock (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Gridlock (as Floor Runner)Lowri Denman
Factual: Are We There Yet?Sam Jones
Daleks in Manhattan (as Floor Runner)Lowri Denman
Daleks in Manhattan (as Floor Runner)Barry Philips
Factual: A New York StoryScott Handcock
Factual: A New York StorySam Jones
Evolution of the Daleks (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Evolution of the Daleks (as Floor Runner)Lowri Denman
Factual: Making ManhattanScott Handcock
Factual: Making ManhattanSam Jones
The Lazarus Experiment (as Floor Runner)Lowri Denman
The Lazarus Experiment (as Floor Runner)Barry Phillips
Factual: Monsters IncScott Handcock
Factual: Monsters IncSam Jones
42 (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
42 (as Floor Runner)Lowri Denman
Factual: Space CraftScott Handcock
Factual: Space CraftSam Jones
Human Nature (as Floor Runner)Lowri Denman
Human Nature (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Factual: Alter EgoScott Handcock
The Family of Blood (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
The Family of Blood (as Floor Runner)Lowri Denman
Factual: Bad BloodScott Handcock
Blink (as Floor Runner)Tom Evans
Blink (as Floor Runner)Glen Coxon
Factual: Do You Remember the First Time?Scott Handcock
Utopia (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Factual: 'Ello 'Ello 'ElloScott Handcock
The Sound of Drums (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Factual: The Saxon MysteryScott Handcock
Last of the Time Lords (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Last of the Time Lords (as Floor Runner)Lowri Denman
Factual: The Valiant QuestScott Handcock
Voyage of the Damned (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Factual: Kylie SpecialScott Handcock
2008Torchwood: Kiss Kiss, Bang BangBrynach Day
Torchwood: Kiss Kiss, Bang BangTom Evans
Partners in Crime (as Floor Runner)Andy Newbery
Factual: A Noble ReturnStuart Laws
Factual: A Noble ReturnScott Handcock
Factual: A Noble ReturnRobert Wootton
The Fires of Pompeii (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Factual: The Italian JobScott Handcock
Factual: The Italian JobStuart Laws
Planet of the Ood (as Floor Runner)Andy Newbery
Factual: Oods and EndsScott Handcock
Factual: Oods and EndsStuart Laws
The Sontaran Stratagem (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Factual: Send in the ClonesScott Handcock
Factual: Send in the ClonesStuart Laws
The Poison Sky (as Floor Runner)Andy Newbery
Factual: Sontar-Ha!Scott Handcock
Factual: Sontar-Ha!Stuart Laws
The Doctor's Daughter (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Factual: Sins of the FathersScott Handcock
Factual: Sins of the FathersStuart Laws
Factual: NemesisScott Handcock
Factual: NemesisStuart Laws
Factual: Shadow PlayScott Handcock
Factual: Shadow PlayStuart Laws
Factual: River Runs DeepScott Handcock
Factual: River Runs DeepStuart Laws
Midnight (as Floor Runner)Heddi-Joy Taylor-Welch
Factual: Look Who's TalkingPoppy Chandler
Factual: Look Who's TalkingRobert Wootton
Factual: Look Who's TalkingStuart Laws
Factual: Look Who's TalkingScott Handcock
Factual: Here Come the Girls
Factual: Here Come the GirlsStuart Laws
Factual: Here Come the GirlsRobert Wootton
Factual: Here Come the GirlsPoppy Chandler
Factual: Friends and Foe
Factual: Friends and FoeScott Handcock
Factual: Friends and FoeStuart Laws
Factual: Friends and FoeRobert Wootton
Factual: The End of an Era
Factual: The End of an EraPoppy Chandler
Factual: The End of an EraStuart Laws
Factual: The End of an EraScott Handcock
The Next Doctor (as Floor Runner)Nicola Brown
The Next Doctor (as Floor Runner)Tom Evans
The Next Doctor (as Floor Runner)Bobby Williams
Factual: Christmas 2008 SpecialStuart Laws
Factual: Christmas 2008 SpecialClaire Riley
Factual: Christmas 2008 SpecialRobert Wootton
2009Factual: The Eleventh DoctorClaire Riley
Planet of the Dead (as Floor Runner)Nicola Brown
Factual: Desert StormJames Bowen
The Waters of Mars (as Floor Runner)Alison Jones
Factual: Is There Life on Mars?James Bowen
Factual: Is There Life on Mars?Claire Riley
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The End of Time: Part One (as Floor Runner)Tom Evans
Factual: Lords and MastersJames Bowen
Factual: Lords and MastersClaire Riley
2010The End of Time: Part Two (as Floor Runner)Christopher Goding
Factual: Allons-y!James Bowen
Factual: Allons-y!Claire Riley
The Eleventh HourNicola Eynon Price
The Eleventh HourLaura Jenkins
Factual: Call Me The DoctorClaire Riley
Factual: Call Me The DoctorLee Wood
Factual: Call Me The DoctorJames Bowen
The Beast BelowLaura Jenkins
The Beast BelowNicola Eynon Price
Factual: All about the GirlJames Bowen
Factual: All about the GirlClaire Riley
Factual: All about the GirlLee Wood
Victory of the DaleksLaura Jenkins
Victory of the DaleksNicola Eynon Price
Factual: War GamesJames Bowen
Factual: War GamesClaire Riley
Factual: War GamesLee Wood
The Time of AngelsLaura Jenkins
The Time of AngelsNicola Eynon Price
Factual: Eyes Wide OpenClaire Riley
Factual: Eyes Wide OpenLee Wood
Factual: Eyes Wide OpenJames Bowen
Flesh and StoneLaura Jenkins
Flesh and StoneNicola Eynon Price
Factual: Blinded by the LightLee Wood
Factual: Blinded by the LightJames Bowen
Factual: Blinded by the LightClaire Riley
The Vampires of VeniceNicola Eynon Price
The Vampires of VeniceLaura Jenkins
Factual: Death in VeniceJames Bowen
Factual: Death in VeniceClaire Riley
Factual: Death in VeniceLee Wood
Amy's ChoiceLaura Jenkins
Amy's ChoiceNicola Eynon Price
Factual: Arthurian LegendJames Bowen
Factual: Arthurian LegendClaire Riley
Factual: Arthurian LegendLee Wood
The Hungry EarthNicola Eynon Price
The Hungry EarthLaura Jenkins
Factual: After EffectsClaire Riley
Factual: After EffectsJames Bowen
Cold BloodLaura Jenkins
Cold BloodNicola Eynon Price
Factual: What Goes on Tour...James Bowen
Factual: What Goes on Tour...Claire Riley
Vincent and the DoctorNicola Eynon Price
Vincent and the DoctorLaura Jenkins
Factual: A Brush with GeniusClaire Riley
Factual: A Brush with GeniusJames Bowen
The LodgerLaura Jenkins
The LodgerNicola Eynon Price
Factual: Extra TimeJames Bowen
Factual: Extra TimeClaire Riley
The Pandorica OpensLaura Jenkins
The Pandorica OpensNicola Eynon Price
Factual: Alien AbductionClaire Riley
Factual: Alien AbductionJames Bowen
The Big BangLaura Jenkins
The Big BangNicola Eynon Price
Factual: Out of TimeJames Bowen
Factual: Out of TimeClaire Riley
Factual: Christmas Special 2010Ryan Simpson
2011Factual: Coming to America
Factual: Coming to AmericaLlywelen Davies
Factual: Breaking the SilenceRyan Simpson
Factual: Breaking the SilenceLlywelen Davies
Factual: Ship Ahoy!
Factual: Ship Ahoy!Ryan Simpson
Factual: Bigger on the InsideLlywelen Davies
Factual: Bigger on the InsideRyan Simpson
Factual: Double TroubleLlywelen Davies
Factual: Double TroubleRyan Simpson
Factual: Take TwoLlywelen Davies
Factual: Take TwoRyan Simpson
Factual: The Born Identity
Factual: The Born IdentityLlywelen Davies
Factual: River Runs Wild
Factual: About A Boy
Factual: What Dreams May Come
Factual: Heartbreak Hotel
Factual: Open All Hours
Factual: When Time Froze
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Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): An Adventure In Space And Time (as Floor Runner)InfoJames Metcalf
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): An Adventure In Space And Time (as Floor Runner) (confirmed)InfoJonny Ruff
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): An Adventure In Space And Time (as Floor Runner)Jennifer Golding
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): An Adventure In Space And Time (as Floor Runner)Calum Carpenter
Doctor Who (Miscellaneous): The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (as Floor Runner)Michael Williams
2016Class: For Tonight We Might DieIain Rose
Class: For Tonight We Might DieAlice Edwards
Class: For Tonight We Might DieAlex Miarli
Class: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo
Class: The Coach with the Dragon TattooIain Rose
Class: NightvisitingAlex Miarli
Class: NightvisitingIain Rose
Class: Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Class: Co-Owner Of A Lonely HeartAlex Miarli
Class: Brave-ish Heart
Class: Brave-ish HeartIain Rose
Class: DetainedAlex Miarli
Class: DetainedIain Rose
Class: The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did
Class: The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill DidAlex Miarli
Class: The LostIain Rose
Class: The LostCharlie Campbell
Class: The LostAlex Miarli
Factual: Backstage at ChristmasLucy Lutman