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The Shakespeare Code

The Shakespeare Code

Series Episode Number: 726

World Premiere: Sat 7 Apr 2007 - 6:59pm BST [BBC One] (United Kingdom)
First Broadcast: Fri 13 Jul 2007 - 9:00pm EDT [SyFy: East Coast Feed]
Running Time: 45 minutes 35 seconds

7.23 Million (UK)

Appreciation Index: 87 (UK)

Audience Share: 36.9% (UK)
Chart Position: 14 () (UK)

Recorded on Mon 28 Aug 2006 in Upper Boat Studios at these locations

Characters hide uncredited
The DoctorDavid Tennant
Martha JonesFreema Agyeman
William ShakespeareDean Lennox Kelly
LilithChristina Cole
WigginsSam Marks
DoomfingerAmanda Lawrence
BloodtideLinda Clarke
Richard BurbageJalaal Hartley
Will KempeDavid Westhead
Dolly BaileyAndree Bernard
LynleyChris Larkin
JailerStephen Marcus
Peter StreeteMatt King
PreacherRobert Demeger
Queen ElizabethAngela Pleasence
Stunt PeformerMaxine Whittaker
African MaidMarlene Nwoye (uncredited)
African MaidMaxine Green (uncredited)
Manure ManDavid Harper (uncredited)
Bucket WomanGenevieve Cope (uncredited)
Pie SellerSean George (uncredited)
TeenagerTom Herriot (uncredited)
TeenagerJamie Hull (uncredited)
TeenagerRichard Hull (uncredited)
CrowdPaul Bateman (uncredited)
CrowdMichelle Leaver (uncredited)
CrowdLorraine Leaver (uncredited)
CrowdDennis Morgan (uncredited)
CrowdRobin Phillips (uncredited)
CrowdDominic Cryer (uncredited)
CrowdJames Brett (uncredited)
CrowdStephen Bacon (uncredited)
(extra)Karl Greenwood (uncredited)
CrowdPete Russell (uncredited)
CrowdJohn Waudby (uncredited)
CrowdBryan Richards (uncredited)
CrowdMarco Magnani (uncredited)
CrowdZac Eisen (uncredited)
CrowdRic Chapman (uncredited)
CrowdJamie Mellor (uncredited)
CrowdRussell Honeywell (uncredited)
CrowdNikki McFarland (uncredited)
CrowdAthena Blay (uncredited)
CrowdSarah Roberts (uncredited)
CrowdKate Robinson (uncredited)
CrowdLucy La Vey (uncredited)
CrowdJoanne Robinson (uncredited)
UrchinThomas Bendikas (uncredited)
UrchinRichard Stott (uncredited)
UrchinHope Yeomans (uncredited)
Horse HandlerJohn Rose (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManRobert Tunnicliff (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManKarl King (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManMark Mansi (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManTom Laverton (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManAdam Warwicker (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManRos Rowsell (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManMartin Colton (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManMichael Vakalis (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManAndy Gill (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManChris Sutton (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManTommy Maxwell (uncredited)
Chamberlain ManMark Gregory (uncredited)
AudienceColin Calton (uncredited)
AudienceSteve Walden (uncredited)
AudienceAndy Elvin (uncredited)
AudienceMan Poole (uncredited)
AudienceDavid Bailey (uncredited)
AudienceSteve Whaites (uncredited)
AudiencePaul Wiggins (uncredited)
AudienceAlex Dillow (uncredited)
AudienceJoanna Brown (uncredited)
AudienceSuzanne Fredericks (uncredited)
AudienceLesley Dring (uncredited)
AudienceSusanna Tookey (uncredited)
AudienceVanessa Bailey (uncredited)
AudienceDiana Clay (uncredited)
AudienceSamantha Link (uncredited)
AudienceWill Downie (uncredited)
AudiencePaul Bellamy (uncredited)
AudienceEmily Biles (uncredited)
AudienceGerald Bowman (uncredited)
AudienceRichard Daniels (uncredited)
AudienceChristopher Hogben (uncredited)
AudienceTerry Mockler (uncredited)
AudienceGemma Nicholls (uncredited)
AudienceMatthew Rouse (uncredited)
AudienceJoanne Symon (uncredited)
AudiencePeter Wood (uncredited)
AudiencePhilip Gould (uncredited)
AudiencePhillipa Burt (uncredited)
AudienceTom Sanderson (uncredited)
AudienceThomas Buchanan (uncredited)
AudienceJeremy Holdcroft (uncredited)
AudienceRobin Beer (uncredited)
AudienceMax Underwood (uncredited)
AudiencePhil K-Dobson (uncredited)
AudienceKatie Russell (uncredited)
AudienceShirley Gillespie (uncredited)
AudienceNicci Brighten (uncredited)
AudienceBeth Partridge (uncredited)
AudienceMichelle Leaver (uncredited)
AudienceLorraine Leaver (uncredited)
AudienceDennis Morgan (uncredited)
AudienceRobin Phillips (uncredited)
AudienceDominic Cryer (uncredited)
AudiencePaul Bateman (uncredited)
AudienceJames Brett (uncredited)
AudienceStephen Bacon (uncredited)
AudiencePete Russell (uncredited)
AudienceJohn Waudby (uncredited)
AudienceBryan Richards (uncredited)
AudienceMarco Magnani (uncredited)
AudienceZac Eisen (uncredited)
AudienceRic Chapman (uncredited)
AudienceJamie Mellor (uncredited)
AudienceRussell Honeywell (uncredited)
AudienceNikki McFarland (uncredited)
AudienceAthena Blay (uncredited)
AudienceSarah Roberts (uncredited)
AudienceKate Robinson (uncredited)
AudienceLucy La Vey (uncredited)
AudienceJoanne Robinson (uncredited)
AudienceMichael Wallace (uncredited)
AudiencePaul Vigrass (uncredited)
AudienceMichael Martin (uncredited)
AudienceAlexander Barnes (uncredited)
AudienceJohn Rayment (uncredited)
AudienceSpencer Lovell (uncredited)
AudienceMichael Barber (uncredited)
AudiencePascal Molliere (uncredited)
AudienceEugene Wood (uncredited)
AudienceDemetrius Couppis (uncredited)
AudienceJo MacCrimmon (uncredited)
AudiencePaula Jones (uncredited)
AudienceSusan Hallett (uncredited)
AudienceRuth Adams (uncredited)
AudienceJanet Kendall (uncredited)
AudienceSamantha Harrington (uncredited)
AudienceBella Sabbagh (uncredited)
AudienceKimberley Wyld (uncredited)
AudienceZoe Jefferies (uncredited)
AudienceAnne Edwards (uncredited)
AudienceHal Benson (uncredited)
AudienceMuriel Smith (uncredited)
AudienceHugh Holman (uncredited)
AudienceNigel Allen (uncredited)
AudienceJamie Lee (uncredited)
AudienceCarl Taggart (uncredited)
AudienceAlllan Jones (uncredited)
AudienceAndrew Ellis (uncredited)
AudienceCharles de Paula (uncredited)
AudienceAndy Watts (uncredited)
AudienceKris Williams (uncredited)
AudienceRobert O'Neil (uncredited)
AudienceJade Culpit (uncredited)
AudienceLouise Harrison (uncredited)
AudienceAnna Rudolph (uncredited)
AudienceNina Huggett (uncredited)
AudienceSuzanne Downes (uncredited)
CrowdMichael Wallace (uncredited)
CrowdPaul Vigrass (uncredited)
CrowdMichael Martin (uncredited)
CrowdAlexander Barnes (uncredited)
CrowdJohn Rayment (uncredited)
CrowdSpencer Lovell (uncredited)
CrowdMichael Barber (uncredited)
CrowdPascal Molliere (uncredited)
CrowdEugene Wood (uncredited)
CrowdDemetrius Couppis (uncredited)
CrowdJo MacCrimmon (uncredited)
CrowdPaula Jones (uncredited)
CrowdSusan Hallett (uncredited)
CrowdDiana Clay (uncredited)
CrowdRuth Adams (uncredited)
CrowdJanet Kendall (uncredited)
CrowdGina Murphy (uncredited)
CrowdBella Sabbagh (uncredited)
Hand double for ShakespearePeter McKinstry (uncredited)
PasserTom Sanderson (uncredited)
PasserThomas Buchanan (uncredited)
PasserJeremy Holdcroft (uncredited)
PasserRobin Beer (uncredited)
PasserMax Underwood (uncredited)
PasserPhil K-Dobson (uncredited)
PasserKatie Russell (uncredited)
PasserShirley Gillespie (uncredited)
PasserNicci Brighten (uncredited)
PasserBeth Partridge (uncredited)
Bedlam InmateAdrian Ledbury (uncredited)
Bedlam InmateChris Mahoney (uncredited)
Bedlam InmateSimon Lewis (uncredited)
Bedlam InmateChris Lubus (uncredited)
Bedlam InmateJohn Mallon (uncredited)
Posh DoubleTom Sanderson (uncredited)
Posh DoubleThomas Buchanan (uncredited)
Posh DoubleJeremy Holdcroft (uncredited)
Posh DoubleRobin Beer (uncredited)
Posh DoubleMax Underwood (uncredited)
Posh DoublePhil K-Dobson (uncredited)
Posh DoubleKatie Russell (uncredited)
Posh DoubleShirley Gillespie (uncredited)
Posh DoubleNicci Brighten (uncredited)
Posh DoubleBeth Partridge (uncredited)
Posh DoubleMichelle Leaver (uncredited)
Posh DoubleNikki McFarland (uncredited)
TrumpeterRob Brinton (uncredited)
TrumpeterJohn Walker (uncredited)
Double for DickJoseph Lippiatt (uncredited)
Queen GuardRichard Manlove (uncredited)
Queen GuardRob Grundy (uncredited)
Queen GuardDale Mullins (uncredited)
(extra)Scott Baker (uncredited)
(extra)Adam Sweet (uncredited)
(extra)Marc Llewellyn-Thompson (uncredited)
ADRRichard Tunesi (uncredited)
ADRDaryl Adcock (uncredited)
ADRLindsay Hollingsworth (uncredited)
ADRNicholas Wilkes (uncredited)
ADRHannah Welch (uncredited)
ADRGayle Spedding (uncredited)
ADRNicholas Cater (uncredited)
ADRViv Youell (uncredited)
ADRPaula Keogh (uncredited)
ADRPaul Sparrowham (uncredited)
ADRWendi Sheard (uncredited)
ADRPaul Ganney (uncredited)
ADRStephen Bracken-Keogh (uncredited)
Production Team
WriterGareth Roberts
DirectorCharles Palmer
ProducerPhil Collinson
Executive ProducerRussell T Davies
Executive ProducerJulie Gardner
Production Unit ManagerPatrick Schweitzer
Director of PhotographyErnie Vincze BSC
Production DesignerEdward Thomas
EditorMatthew Tabern
Prosthetics Millennium FX
Special Effects Any Effects
Visual Effects Designer The Mill
Visual Effects ProducerWill Cohen
Visual Effects ProducerMarie Jones
Visual Effects SupervisorDave Houghton
Incidental MusicMurray Gold
Make-up DesignerBarbara Southcott
Costume DesignerLouise Page
Sound RecordistJulian Howarth
Production AccountantEndaf Emyr Williams
Production ExecutiveJulie Scott
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor CDG
Title MusicRon Grainer
With thanks to BBC National Orchestra of Wales
First Assistant DirectorGareth Williams
Second Assistant DirectorSteffan Morris
Third Assistant DirectorSarah Davies
Location ManagerGareth Skelding
Unit ManagerRhys Griffiths
Production CoordinatorJess van Niekerk
Production SecretaryKevin Myers
Production AssistantDebi Griffiths
Production RunnerSiân Eve Goldsmith
Floor RunnerBarry Phillips
Contracts AssistantKath Blackman
ContinuityNon Eleri Hughes
Script EditorSimon Winstone
Camera OperatorJulian Barber
Focus PullerSteve Rees
Camera Operator (2nd Unit)Steven Hall
GripJohn Robinson
Boom OperatorJeff Welch
GafferMark Hutchings
Best BoyPeter Chester
Stunt coordinatorTom Lucy
Stunt coordinatorCrispin Layfield
WiresBob Schofield
Chief Supervising Art DirectorStephen Nicholas
Art Dept Production ManagerJonathan Marquand Allison
Art Department CoordinatorMatthew North
Chief Props MasterAdrian Anscombe
Supervising Art DirectorArwel Wyn Jones
Associate DesignerJames North
Set DecoratorDavid Morison
Standby Art DirectorTim Dickel
Design AssistantPeter McKinstry
Design AssistantBen Austin
CYFLE TraineeJon Grundon
Standby PropsPhil Shellard
Standby PropsClive Clarke
Standby CarpenterPaul Jones
Standby PainterEllen Woods
Standby RiggerBryan Griffiths
Property MasterPhil Lyons
Props BuyerCatherine Samuel
Senior Props MakerBarry Jones
Props MakerPenny Howarth
Props MakerMark Cordory
Props MakerNick Robatto
Construction ManagerMatthew Hywel-Davies
Construction ChargehandAllen Jones
Graphics BBC Wales Graphics
Asst Costume DesignerMarnie Ormiston
Costume SupervisorLindsay Bonaccorsi
Costume AssistantSheelagh O'Marah
Costume AssistantKirsty Wilkinson
Make-Up ArtistPam Mullins
Make-Up ArtistSteve Smith
Make-Up ArtistJohn Munro
Casting AssociateAndy Brierley
Assistant EditorCeres Doyle
Post Production SupervisorSamantha Hall
Post Production SupervisorChris Blatchford
Post Production CoordinatorMarie Brown
Special Effects CoordinatorBen Ashmore
Special Effects SupervisorPaul Kelly
Prosthetics DesignerNeill Gorton
Prosthetics SupervisorRob Mayor
Online EditorMatthew Clarke
ColouristMick Vincent
3D ArtistNick Webber
3D ArtistChris Tucker
3D ArtistAndy Guest
3D ArtistBruce Magroune
2D ArtistSara Bennett
2D ArtistMelissa Butler-Adams
2D ArtistRussell Horth
2D ArtistBryan Bartlett
2D ArtistJoseph Courtis
2D ArtistAdam Rowland
Visual Effects CoordinatorJenna Powell
Visual Effects CoordinatorRebecca Johnson
Digital Matte PainterAlex Fort
Digital Matte PainterSimon Wicker
On Set Visual FX SupervisorBarney Curnow
Dubbing MixerTim Ricketts
Supervising Sound EditorPaul McFadden
Sound EditorDoug Sinclair
Sound FX EditorPaul Jefferies
Finance ManagerChris Rogers
in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation